Saturday, 18 Jan 2020

Vice Regent Inhil: Director of PDAM and PT KIG Do Not Only Hitch the Name


Vice Regent Inhil together with the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson of Inhil DPRD after the plenary sessionVice Regent Inhil together with the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson of Inhil DPRD after the plenary session -

Deputy Regent (Vice Regent) Inhil, H Syamsuddin Uti reminded the prospective leaders and directors of PDAM Tirta Indragiri and PT. Gem Inhil Gemilang who later will be chosen so as not to just hitch a name without providing a concrete solution.

This was conveyed during the 10th plenary meeting of 2019 Regional Representative Council (DPRD) of Indragiri Hilir Regency for the agenda of submitting a budget agency report on the Inhil District RAPBD for the 2020 budget year and submitting a report on the results of the Inhil Regional Representative Council (DPRD) on the establishment of Inhil Regional Regulation in 2020.

The Vice Regent confirmed, the PDAM Director must be able to make the turbid Inhil river water become white water and even drinkable. "It's also a shame I heard it all this time, our PDAM water is said to be milo water," said the Vice Regent.

The Vice Regent added that he would not remain silent and would help assess whether the candidate for the leadership of the PDAM and PT KIG is suitable to hold this position.

"Wait for the time," added the Vice Regent while accompanied by applause from Inhil Parliament members who were present.

According to the Vice Regent, the PDAM problem is a classic problem to this day, even the budget has been disbursed up to Rp 20 billion but there is no result.

"PDAM services are very lacking, this is a major blow to us. We as leaders feel ashamed," he continued.

In addition, Vice Regent Inhil also hopes that PT KIG's leaders will be able to boost the price of coconuts with their innovations. "We'll see, PT KIG has been given capital assistance of IDR. 2 billion," he said.


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