Saturday, 18 Jan 2020

Perfecting RTRW, Siak Regency Government Holds Public Consultation


Siak Regent, Alfedri when holding a public consultation to perfect the RTRWSiak Regent, Alfedri when holding a public consultation to perfect the RTRW - Public Consultation on the Siak Regency Regional Spatial Planning (RTRW) 2019 will be held at the Tengku Mahratu Siak building, Tuesday 3 December 2019.

The Siak Regency RTRW Public Consultation Forum is a media for correction and consultation that is expected to provide color in the process of regional regulation on spatial planning and zoning.

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"Later, we will discuss and exchange ideas together, as we hope for the ladies and gentlemen to be able to give advice, input on the completion of this RTRW Regional Regulation, so that it can be stipulated as a regional regulation," said Regent Siak Alfedri.

He continued, this public consultation as a process of revision of zoning and zoning that summarizes all the hopes of the community in the procession of economic and infrastructure development.

"Our hope is to become a common reference, how do we utilize spatial planning, so that this RTRW can be a guide for us in carrying out activities, economic development, infrastructure and other activities that are governed by applicable regulations," he explained.

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In the context of perfecting this RTRW, his party has also completed the KLHS (Environmental Assessment Strategy) which also has referred to legal studies and environmental capacity.

"It is difficult for us to carry out consultations and evaluations, which are still being finalized. Bappeda and PU Tarukim will explain, this draft regulation is the result of evaluation and revision. From these results we will submit to the Province later and ask for recommendations from the team, we also request DPRD approval to be acted upon. , "he hoped.

Also present at the event were the Head of Siak BPN, Riau Bappeda Representative, Head of Siak Bappeda, OPD leader, DPRD member, Company leader, BUMD leader and a number of Siak community leaders.


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