Saturday, 18 Jan 2020

Pretending to Help a 10-Year-Old Girl Become an Artist, Instead the CEO of This Animation Movie Did an Obscene Action


Tomohiro Maki (50)Tomohiro Maki (50)

Unexpectedly Tomohiro Maki (50) CEO of the animation filmmaking company, Gainax, famous film maker Neon Genesis Evangelio, was arrested by Japanese police this morning (5 December 2019) around 9:30 Japanese time. He was charged with having done a very heinous thing, molesting a minor.

The 10-year-old little girl has a desire to become a voice actor in an animated film that she said Tomohiro wanted to make.

In February 2019 the suspect lied to a teenage girl.

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In the apartment of his house in my Adachi, Tokyo, Tomohiro took a photo of the girl. Cunningly, he told the victim if he wanted to become a celebrity, then he must be willing to be photographed naked first.

After the naked suspect massaging and trying to fuck the girl with a semi-forced.

The suspect is believed to have repeated the obscene act four times with the girl.

But the suspect denied answering it.

"I'll just ask for a photo of him," the suspect told the police.

Until now the case is still being investigated by the Tokyo Metropolitan police authorities.




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