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12 Hours in the Car, an Elementary School Principal Was Found Dead Half-Naked, This is the Cause of His Death


The evacuation processThe evacuation process

Residents of Tagog Village, Pamoyanan Village, Kadipaten District, Tasikmalaya Regency, were shocked by the discovery of the body of a man.

The body with the initials IS was found in a Toyota Avanza car numbered D 1469 ACU.

The car was parked on the side of the road near the mosque in Pamoyanan, Tasikmalaya Regency, Wednesday (5 December 2019) afternoon.

At first the residents were suspicious that the car had been parked in the condition since the morning.

After being checked in with the crowd, it turns out that there is a man in his pants, aka half naked, dead.

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The victim was found without wearing pants or half naked.

While in the front seat there are trousers, victim's underwear, and lipstick.

"The results of the external examination on the victim's body did not reveal any trace of violence.

When the body was found, only one person was dead, "he explained on Thursday (5 December 2019).

The victim was immediately taken to RSUD Dr. Soekardjo for an examination.

But strangely, the victim's family refused to do an autopsy of the body.

"The victim is an elementary school ASN," he said.

Head of the AKP City Tasikmalaya Police Criminal Investigation Unit Dadang Sudiantoro said the victim, who was located in Sukapancar Village, Sukapancar Village, was thought to have died due to AC poisoning in his car.

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Dadang also added that the 57-year-old victim had previously been seen by residents, alone in the car driver's seat while playing with his cell phone.

However, when found the next day, the victim died in the back seat without wearing pants. The victim is thought to have died more than 12 hours.

There were no signs of violence on the victim's body.

In addition, no victim's belongings were lost, including his cellphone and wallet.

Before being found dead, the victim had said goodbye to the family on Tuesday afternoon.

Based on information obtained, the victim was one of the principals of elementary schools in Sukaresik District, Tasikmalaya Regency.




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