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Forget to Bring an Identity Card, This Man Gets Rude Treatment From the Hospital, His Baby Turns Blue


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet - The heartbreaking event was happened again in a hospital. This time this heartbreaking story, happened in the case of a woman who gave birth.

We know that hospital workers are not angels or miracle workers, but sometimes they take procedures that are too strict, even though it is an emergency.

A man, Kelana Jagat, shares his sadness and thoughts on Facebook about how his second child that can still be saved if the hospital helps him to bend a few existing rules.

Last week, December 8, Kelana's wife was about to give birth. The water broke and flooded their homes and cars on the way to the hospital. The situation is very urgent considering their baby has come out half way.

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What's worse, it turns out their baby is sinking and the baby's leg comes out first. This condition is also known as breech birth.

Due to panic throughout the 20 minute journey to the Sultan Zahir Nur Zahirah Hospital, Kelana forgot to bring his wife's medical documents, pink book, and even an Identification Card (IC). Unexpectedly it turned out that this matter was greatly disputed by the hospital.

They arrived at the hospital at 8 am and his wife was immediately taken to the emergency room when a nurse caring for the couple asked about his wife's IC. Kelana also answered that he did not bring it.

Then the hospital urged Kelana to go home and get the IC. However, according to Kelana, because their house is 15-20 minutes from the hospital, so really, it was not the right choice to do at that time.

Contrary to Kelana's thoughts, one of the hospital staff insisted on saying, "Travel quickly, you still have time."

After trying to negotiate with the nurse, they told him to walk to the counter and continue registering before they could continue treatment.

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Not finished there when he arrived at the counter, the receptionist scolded him in front of everyone present and said that he made things difficult.

Kelana considered this an ethical violation and the receptionist was very rude, even the receptionist had told him to go to another hospital.

Then, after successfully making his IC, they provide further care for his wife after 30 minutes of joking about the IC.

However, it is unfortunate, when the baby came out, his whole body was blue.

The next day, a specialist told them that their baby had stage 4 critical internal bleeding in his brain. Apparently, the baby was already in stage 2 on the first day.




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