Thursday, 27 Feb 2020

Already 8 Years Being Detained, Finally 2 Residents in Tempuling Inhil Freed


The process of releasing ODGJ sufferers from pasungThe process of releasing ODGJ sufferers from pasung -  The melancholy story came from Teluk Kiambang Village, Tempuling District, Indragiri Hilir (Inhil), Riau, wherein that place, two of its citizens were put in a pen because they were suffering from a mental disorder.

Two people with known ODGJ named Masril (26) had been put in a shelter for one year and Herman Sawiran (47) who had been put in captivity for eight years, according to the family's information, were penalized because they often went berserk and attacked others.

The process of releasing happened on Monday (1/20/2020) went smoothly, were to release the stuck on both legs was carried out directly by Dandim Inhil, Lt. Col. Inf Imir Faisal.

Imir Faisal deliberately came all the way from the capital to help the two residents, because according to him, both of them were entitled to better care.

Before releasing both of them, Dandim did first mediate and coordinate with the families of people with ODGJ until finally the family allowed them to be released from the ward and then they were taken to the hospital for treatment.

They are dangerous for others, but they shouldn't be put up like this. We as human beings are created with different characteristics, morals, and thoughts as well as with various shortcomings. Everything is created perfect because perfection only belongs to the Creator, Allah SWT, said Dandim.

For Musril, he was referred to a Pekan Pekan mental hospital to be treated and cured. While Herman Sawiran was brought to Puri Husada Tembilahan District Hospital.

Dandim hopes that both of them can be cured quickly and can be active and get along again as they should.


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