Thursday, 27 Feb 2020

Prosecutor's Office Investigates Alleged DD Corruption in Senderak Bengkalis Village


Head of Pidsus Agung Irawan SH MH (photo / hari))Head of Pidsus Agung Irawan SH MH (photo / hari)) -

BENGKALIS- The Head of the Bengkalis District Attorney's Office, Nanik Khushartanti said that she had received reports of alleged corruption from the public regarding the use of village funds in Senderak Village, Bengkalis District, Bengkalis Regency, Riau.

According to her, her party is currently conducting investigations regarding the information or report. "Yes, we have received the report and it will be tracked,"she said as conveyed by Head of Pidsus Agung Irawan SH MH to a number of journalists, Wednesday 22 January 2020.

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Meanwhile, the Village Head of Senderak Harianto, SH, when confirmed, admitted that he was not aware of any reports that had entered the Bengkalis (Kejari) state prosecutor's office.

However, when asked the incoming report regarding fictional allegations of physical development activities, he admitted that in 2019 there were activities that could not be carried out and would be continued in 2020.

"Yes, in 2019 the activity has not been carried out then the funds will be in Silva and will be implemented in 2020, as many as 5 items of activities," said the head of Senderak, Harianto, SH, Wednesday.

He added that, from the 5 activities meant, the making of the Rumbia Bridge, the making of the eldest concrete trench and 3 other activities. Regarding the activity budget, it has indeed been disbursed, but considering that at the end of the year, it was not overtaken in the process.

"We initially took the funds as much as Rp. 3 hundred million more, but because it could not be implemented, we returned them to the village treasury, and became silva funds," Harianto explained.

"Because of time constraints and natural factors, it is difficult to implement, worrying that December would not be finished, then it was saved in silva," concluded Herianto. (R24 / Hari)


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