Thursday, 27 Feb 2020

Soebrantas Road Will Be Free of Large Tonnage Vehicles


(Head of Pekanbaru Transportation Agency, Yuliarso)(Head of Pekanbaru Transportation Agency, Yuliarso) -

PEKANBARU - The prohibition of large-tonnage vehicles and the transportation of goods crossing Jalan Soebrantas is currently in the stage of socialization to transporter entrepreneurs.

"Mayor's regulation has been signed by the Mayor, we are currently in the stage of socialization," said Head of the Department of Transportation (Dishub) Pekanbaru, Yuliarso to, Friday (1/24/2020).

Yuliarso added, before conducting socialization to goods transportation entrepreneurs, his party first held a meeting between the internal agencies of the Pekanbaru City Government to make the perception equal, so that the city government will have one voice in its application in the field.

"After that, only the socialization of goods transportation service entrepreneurs, especially those who live in our place. The point of this decision is in the context of providing arrangements for the transportation of goods, both in and out of Pekanbaru, "he explained.

What is clear, continued the former sub-district of Rumbai Coastal, the purpose of diverting the traffic flow of goods transporting large tonnage is to improve safety and road accidents in the city caused by large tonnage vehicles.

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"Including, road damage, congestion, and we are also responding to the response from the public related to the high disruption due to the activity of goods transport cars in congested lanes," said Yuliarso.

According to him, a hearing with transportation entrepreneurs is needed to hear the answers and solutions needed in implementing the regulation later in the field

"Because we also consider the impacts that arise, related to economic stability, we also minimize the negative impacts that arise in the future," he added.

Regarding how long the socialization until the implementation of sanctions is carried out, Yuliarso said, as soon as possible it will be done after there is an agreement between the government and the entrepreneurs of freight transportation.

"A week or two weeks, at most one month can we apply sanctions in the field," he explained.

Based on the applicable rules, the sanctions can be in the form of disappearances if they violate the signs that have been installed.

"Because there are signs that are violated, there will be actions in accordance with existing regulations, they can be ticketed," he concluded. (R24 / put)



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