Thursday, 27 Feb 2020

Pekanbaru Mayor Asks Contractors to Immediately Complete IPAL Projects


(Mayor of Pekanbaru, Paradise (int))(Mayor of Pekanbaru, Paradise (int)) -

PEKANBARU - Wastewater Treatment Installation Project (WWTP) in Pekanbaru City has not completed yet. Pekanbaru City Government (Pemko) asks the implementing contractor to immediately finish the work.

"We ask that the IPAL work be completed immediately. Through the PUPR Office we ask that the work partners be resettled namely Satker (work units) and contractors," said the Mayor, Friday (1/24/2020).

If the work is too slow and protracted, said the Mayor, many impacts will arise for the community around the WWTP construction site. The Mayor said, this condition greatly affected the economy of the surrounding residents.

"The economy of the surrounding residents is sluggish, congestion and roads are damaged because of the former WWTP excavation," he said.

He continued, the project is the central command. If the work has been planted, it should be finished immediately.

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"In addition to the disadvantages felt by the community, of course the loss is also felt by the contractor, if the work drags on," he explained.

He said, this work should be directly accommodated by the Central Government. But he will order the PUPR Service to coordinate and mobilize the contractor to immediately accelerate.

"The name of the development is certainly an impact. But if it can be minimized," he said. (R24 / put)



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