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These are the list of the deadliest army ever existed on earth


IllustrationIllustration - A country may have all the great cultures, arts and philosophies, but it will be useless if there is no good military to protect them. Even Mao Zedong, the first president of China even said that strength grows from “the barrel of a gun”. Here are some of the strongest armies in world history.

1.       Roman Army

Roman army was popular due to their dominance in the West for years. They were known to get back up and continue to fight even after experiencing severe loss. Roman army was often led by brilliant generals.

2.       Mongol Army

Mongol army was able to conquer most of Eurasia in on century. The Mongols were actually a strong force that came out of nowhere to dominate Middle-East, China and Russia. Their success mostly thanks to the tactic and strategy of Genghis Khan. The cavalry of Mongol fought with bows and arrows and each soldier owned three to four horses.

3.       Ottoman Army

Ottoman army conquered most of Middle-East, Balkan and North Africa during its heyday. They even conquered Constantinople, one of the most impenetrable cities in the world in 1453.

4.       Nazi (German) Army

Nazi army combined speed, concentration and the element of surprise. They were able to become so formidable thanks to the Blitzkrieg innovative concept, which used new technology in weaponry and communication. Historian Andrew Roberts said that German (Nazi) army and its generals were able to defeat England, America, and Russia, offensively and defensively, almost the whole time during World War 2.

5.       Red (Soviet) Army

Red army was responsible in changing the tide of World War 2. They were a gigantic military in terms of population and industry. Historian Richard Evans said that according to Soviet Union, the loss taken by the Red army was 11 million platoons, more than 100.000 jets, more than 300.000 artilleries and almost 100.000 tanks and self-propelled weapons.


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