Friday, 19 Apr 2019

For more than 70 years, more than 3,600 children were sexually abused by catholic priests


IllustrationIllustration - A leaked report says that 3,677 children were treated with sexual and physical abuse from 1,680 priests. Most of the victims are boy.


Quoted from documents made for the German Church Conference confirmed the report. That happened between 1946 and 2014, according to the famous German magazine Der Spiegel.


The leak was obtained from research conducted by three universities in Germany. Archbishop Trier Stephan Ackermann said the church was aware of the amount of abuse shown in the report.


The Catholic Church in Germany has acknowledged the abuse of children by the church. "This is a sad and shameful thing for us." he said in a statement on Wednesday, September 12th 2018. Quoted from Reuters.


The leaked report was published on the day Pope Francis invited the Chairmen of the Church Trustees from around the world to attend a summit to prevent sexual harassment by priests and protect children.


This was done because the Vatican was increasingly aware that the problem of sexual harassment by priests threatened what the Catholic church had done in other fields.


Pope Francis will also meet with Catholic church leaders in the United States on Thursday. The Pope will discuss the discovery of the Grand Jury in United States where 301 priests in the state of Pennsylvania sexually abused children.


The Pope will hold a meeting to be held from Febuary 21th to 24th 2019 and will involve about 100 bishops from around the world.


The meeting showed that the highest circle of the Catholic Church is aware that sexual abuse by this priest is a global problem, not just in some parts of the world or in some Western countries.


In addition to the problem, there was a scandal involving a former American cardinal, and the insistence of an Italian bishop Carlo Maria Vigano that the Pope resign because of the case.


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