Wednesday, 24 Jul 2019

For charity, student from University of Cambridge makes a naked calendar


 University of Cambridge University of Cambridge -  Maybe this action was very brave for students. Instead to making photos about natural beauty, but they pose naked for the annual calendar.

Cambridge University's finest sportsmen and women have takes pictures for a new naked calendar, and they said it all to raise money for charity. The Cambridge University sportsmen and women that took part in the naked shoot included the volleyball, skiing, American football and fencing teams.

The daring photographs feature students from the university's netball, swimming and lacrosse teams.

One of the naked pictures shows a member of the dance team doing the splits on the famous Mathematical Bridge at Queens' College. But, they still using  strategically placed props to preserve their modesty. 

Others show the lacrosse team in the library, and the netball team posing nude in the dining hall at Corpus Christi College. 


Student Emma Teal, one of the organisers behind the naked calendar, said: 'We all really enjoyed making the calendar, although it did involve a lot of early mornings because we must had to go to the locations when there weren't too many people there. Because, I think our act will surprised a few tourists when we posed on the Mathematical Bridge as it's very near a public path."

The photos were taken at famous locations around the city, including the Botanical Gardens and the Cambridge Union.

The calendar costs £10, with all proceeds going to Beat Eating Disorders, Mary's Meals, Papyrus and Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre.








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