In this college, you can learn how to be a celebgram


In this college, you can learn how to be a celebgramIn this college, you can learn how to be a celebgram - Being celebgram on social media arguably became the new promising profession.

And a college in China opened a new department to dedicated specifically to make celebgram.

It is Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College, University in Shanghai, China, that offer majors Modeling & Etiquette.

This majors bring courses that aim to educate its student to become an influencer in social media and the shaping of the personality that is viral and favored by netizen.

In this Department, students will follow various training such as dance classes, makeup classto how to walk on the catwalk. Given the number of celebgramswho are frequently invited to various events to be speaker, hosted or appeared on the runway, modeling capability so necessary.

And here's a class that will not be found in other college majors, i.e., learning how to do live streaming, take photos for the perfect selfie until learn a variety of iconic fashion brand as well as indie.

One of the students who entered the Department of Modeling & Etiquette, Wang Xin, said her Department moved reason is to be famous.

"I've always dreamed of being under the spotlight, with all the flashes of light leads to me and everyone just looks at me," said Wang Xin, as quoted from Koreaboo.

"The demand for our Department is greatly improved because of the e-commerce industry is currently booming," said Hou Xiaonan, teaching dance class on the campus.

In China, those who are popular as celebgram and have great influence in the virtual world known as wanghong. Literally, wanghong is defined as ' the famous on the internet '.



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