Wednesday, 24 Jul 2019

A man in Australia claiming that he find a raw chicken heart inside his box of KFC


He found the heart coated in breadcrumbsHe found the heart coated in breadcrumbs -  A man was claiming that he find a ‘slimy’ raw chicken heart inside his box of KFC. The 21-year-old man named Timothy outraged and wrote on Facebook after he said he found the raw and black organ coated in breadcrumbs. 

He said that he bought an Original Tenders Box from a branch in Melbourne last week and he found the heart of chicken crumbed and nestled among the other pieces of meat.

As quoted from Daily Mail Australia, he was appalled by his discovery so took to social media where he made a complaint about the food on the chain’s Facebook page, posting a picture of the heart. 

He wrote, "Uhh KFC can you explain to me why in the world I would be getting what looks like a chicken heart in my food?. Is it common for you guys to do this or am I just lucky?"

Timothy said he eats a KFC meal around once a fortnight, but has never had any issues like this before.

Then, he received a refund from management. 

KFC Australia apologised to Timothy for the mistake and reminded their team to take extra care when preparing meals.







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