Tuesday, 21 May 2019

On its last day, Danlanud invited Riau's people to attend exhibition of Alutsista TNI


IllustrationIllustration - Armament System Main Equipment Exhibition (Alutsista) The Indonesian National Army (TNI) was opened to the public since Saturday, and ended on, Sunday, October 7th 2018.


Armed Forces Military Exhibition in the Apron Badeops Lanud was displayed by equipment from the Air Force, Army and Navy.


Roesmin Nurjadin Danlanud, Marsma TNI Ronny Irianto Moningka, said, "In welcoming the 73rd Anniversary of TNI, Roesmin Nurudin Airport held an exhibition showing the tools of national defense to the public."


"For that we invite the whole community to come to Roesmin Nurjadin Airport, this exhibition was open for the general public" said Ronny.


"Today is the last day, at 16.00 WIB it will be closed. For people who want to visit, they can go directly to Roesmin Nurjadin Airport for free" he said.


At the Charlie Roesmin Nurudin Shelter Shelter, a number of sophisticated military combat equipment from the three dimensions in Riau Province were displayed. The TNI AU featured F16 fighter planes, Hawk 100/200, Super Puma Heli, Paskhas 462 Pulanggeni Battalion and Binpotdirga Lans Rsn activities.


Meanwhile, from the Army, the combat equipment owned by Arhanud 13 / BS Battalion and 132nd Infantry Battalion were displayed. The Indonesian Navy displayed combat equipment owned by the Lanal Dumai, and the Sat Brimobda Riau displayed a Baracuda tactical vehicle, and many others.


He mentioned, the people who attended were able to take pictures near the Main Armament System Tools and also near the fighter aircraft. 


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