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Getting to know the Bondol Eagle who became the Asian Para Games mascot


MomoMomo -  Sports parties for people with disabilities or Asian Para Games have been going on since yesterday until October 13 2018. 

The mascot chosen for the 2018 Asian Para Games is a bondol eagle (Haliastur indus) named Momo. 

In the explanation of the 2018 Asian Para Games official website, little is explained that the bondage eagle is a species that lives on the thousand islands and is very easily recognizable because it has white feathers that cover the head to the neck and back are reddish brown. This species is also called endangered. 

Speaking more about the bondol eagle, Dewi Malia Prawiradilaga, a bird researcher from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), said that the color of the feathers of a bondol eagle is its trademark. 

"Only bondol hawks have reddish brown feathers," Dewi said when contacted by on Sunday, October 7 2018.

Dewi added, actually the white feathers owned by a bondol hawk not only cover the head to the neck, but also cover the chest to the stomach. In addition, the bondol hawk has the same karkateristik as other hawks. 

"It has a curved beak with a pointed end to tear or rip prey, and its claws are sharp to grip. (This) as in other eagles," he explained. Dewi said, the wide-winged birds live a lot in mangroves, on the beach, on the island, and along the river.

"This bird distribution area is vast, almost throughout Indonesia and the Malay peninsula," he added. 

With aquatic habitats, the bondol eagle is a predator of shrewd fish. He can eat various types of fish, both fresh and marine fish by capturing them from the surface of the water. Dewi confirmed, the bondol eagle is a protected bird, just like other birds of prey.

"Maybe (the bondol eagle) has not yet entered the vulnerable extinction. But the predator (animal) population in general is not much," he said. 

Like most other protected animals that are threatened with extinction, the threat of a bondol eagle population is also caused by humans. Especially because of illegal hunting and narrowing of native habitat.

Bondol eagle was chosen as a mascot
In the explanation of the 2018 Asian Para Games official website, there are several reasons that make the Bondol eagle or momo the Asian Para Games 2018 mascot.

First, the Bondol Eagle is also the mascot of the city of Jakarta where the 2018 Asian Para Games are held. Birds themselves are a symbol of strength and courage. While the name Momo stands for MOtivation and MObility that reminds us to always move forward and be able to adapt to change.







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