Tuesday, 21 May 2019

A masseuse has been caught on camera to swinging a baby around by its hands and head


The baby is thrown around during the massage   The baby is thrown around during the massage -  A masseuse in Kazakhstan  has been caught on camera after swinging a baby with his hands and head. Then, the woman was filmed throwing the child round like a rag doll.

She telling to her parents that it was a form of massage treatment.  She can be seen to swinging the baby upside down to work its legs and spinning it around by its hands.

That masseuse claims that it can help to heal children with disabilities. The footage was filmed by paediatrician Bogenbai Aytenov, who is from the same area, said that he was stunned by what he saw.

Aytenov said, "This is not normal. I do not see any kind of massage there at all. The video shows the baby being spun around on its shoulder joints. It could cause tears and sprains in the future. May not be detectable now, but in two or three years it could start bothering the child."

Aytenov also said that massages should be done on an individual basis and only after the baby has reached two months of age.






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