Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Two middle schoolers became the victims of pedophile in Garut


IllustrationIllustration -  Garut Police Department arrested a man suspected to be a pedophile, called as A, aged 47 years. He was reported of sexually harassing middle schoolers aged 13 in Cibatu District, Garut Regency.

“He claimed that he did that to two people, but we didn’t believe him right away, that is why we open a service post because we are afraid there are more victims,” said the head of Garut Police, Budi Satria Wiguna to the reporters in Garut, on Tuesday.

The police opened a complaint post for civilians who are victims of pedophilia. The perpetrator had been captured and will be punished.

“We now open a service post for those who want to report regarding this case,” he added.

So far, A claimed that he had only assaulted two middle school students. However, the police could not believe his claim right away, especially because A claimed that he had had this deviant sexual behavior since 2016. It was a very long time and there was a chance that he had done more than that.

“That is why we develop our search and investigate further,” Budi said.

He added that the police will call a psychologist to talk to A. They suspected that he had a sexual disorder.

Budi asked civilians to be more careful and for parent to watch their children more closely in order to prevent them from being victims of pedophile and other kinds of people with deviant sexual behavior.








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