Friday, 21 Jun 2019

Israeli Prime Minister's wife is tried by fraud cases


Israeli Prime Minister's wife is tried by fraud casesIsraeli Prime Minister's wife is tried by fraud cases -  Israeli Prime Minister (PM) 's wife Benjamin Netanyahu, Sara, was present at the Court yesterday, for the first examination of fraud cases involving him.

Sara is accused of misusing state funds in the case of ordering food catering. According to the indictment filed in June, Sara Netanyahu and a government employee were accused of receiving funds of more than USD 100,000 for hundreds of food packages supplied by a number of restaurants that violated regulations, which prohibited the practice if a cook was hired at home.

Sara Netanyahu denied that her actions were wrong. He was charged in June with fraud and breach of trust and fraud in receipt of goods. If found guilty, Sara can face a five-year prison sentence. He looked tense when he entered the courtroom yesterday.

He did not comment on the journalists and sat on the backseat of his lawyers. Israeli media reports the session will handle procedural issues. Sara's lawyer denied the charges filed with her client because the regulations for ordering food legally were invalid and a domestic employee asked for the food despite Sara's protest.

"If we show evidence, I'm sure Your Majesty might laugh," said a Sara lawyer, Yossi Cohen, during a trial in court.

He considers various accusations against his wife to have no strong evidence. Sara, 59, has often made headlines in various mass media for her reputation which is considered arrogant.

In 2017, Netanyahu's family won a libel suit against an Israeli journalist who claimed Sara had kicked her husband out of the car while fighting.

In 2016, the Jerusalem labor court determined that Sara insulted and scolded domestic workers at the official residence of the PM. It seems that the legal process that Sara is currently living in will not significantly damage the political image of her husband who is currently the fourth Israeli prime minister and excels in various surveys despite corruption charges.

Netanyahu accused Israeli media of having a political motive for targeting him and his wife. The accusation also made Netanyahu reach the support base of the right wing which is loyal to him. The next Israeli election will be held in November 2019, but political observers predict the election will be accelerated with a number of considerations.









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