Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Reasons why sexual assault victims do not want to speak about what they experienced


IllustrationIllustration - Quoted from Psychology Today, it is not easy for victims of sexual violence to speak about what happened to them. They generally feel ashamed, afraid to the incidents that once happened to them. For victims it is easier to blame themselves for these unpleasant incidents, than to make the perpetrators responsible. Victims are also concerned about the risk that is borne if the incident getting reported, for example being threatened or not getting their rights.

"The reason victims cannot to speak up is actually very understandable. They have the right to get empathy and recognition of the dilemma they have. Rather than being biased, victims need motivation to get rid of shame, anger, learn to rise from trauma, and drag the perpetrator to the court"said psychotherapist Beverly Angel.

Sexual violence is a form of sexual harassment that can occur in women and men. This event has various forms ranging from sentences, whistles, gestures, to direct contact with the victims.

Sexual harassment can occur on various occasions, such as online vehicle drivers for consumers, the work environment, and education. Those who have been victims of sexual abuse are at risk of repeating the same event on other occasions.


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