Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Photos of mice cooked in the rice product are going viral in the social media


IllustrationIllustration - Instant food products are so practical and easy to carry anywhere. This man posted that he actually found the object he claimed to be a mouse, and its instantly being viral on the internet. This man was quite surprised when he found the object he claimed to be a dead mouse, from the instant rice product he bought. This photo was then uploaded to his Twitter account, and immediately spread widely.

Reported by Latestly, October 24th 2018, a man named Richard Leech from England, bought instant rice products from Pilau Rice supermarket Lidl. When it had warmed in the microwave, he found the black part between the rice that looks like a mouse carcass. "Hi Lidl, I want to know how can this mouse get to the inside of my rice product?" wrote Richard, complete with a photo of the rice.

He also added that the rice gave an unpleasant odor, which made his wife became sick and vomited excessively. "Now my whole house smells, after cooking mice with rice. My wife vomits" Richard complained. The tweet was immediately responded by netizens, until now there have been more than 8,000 retweets, 13.00 likes, and 2,100 replies.

The rice product with the label 'Golden Sun Pilau Rice' then became the topic of netizen’s talk, which questioned the level of cleanliness and product quality. Many netizens also joked about this incident. Responding to this, the supermarket will investigate further. "We never intended to make consumers feel dissatisfied, and we are very sorry for that, that product does not meet the standards of us" said one representative of Lidl.


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