Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

IKYK and Wardah collaborated with Tatjana Saphira for breast cancer awareness campaign


IllustrationIllustration - Although it is already November, we can still feel the vibe of the campaign of Breast Cancer Awareness, which was held in October. For this campaign, the modest wear brand I Know You Know, or IKYK, released a capsule collection with Wardah, collaborating with Tatjana Saphira. To see this collection, you can go to Kopi Kalyan on November 3rd to November 11th.

In this collection, IKYK use stripe motif for most of their clothes. The clothes are still loose model as is the characteristic of IKYK.

They said that the collection was inspired by Tatjana Saphira, who they saw as someone who is feminine, but brave and strong. They think her personality can become an inspiration for other women, especially the younger ones, in fighting against breast cancer.

The collection was displayed in all-pink, minimalist and modern look because it is still part of Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. You can also buy this collection without pre-order.

By buying the product, you can also contribute in the campaign. Some of the money from the sale will be donated to an organization working on handling breast cancer.


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