Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Lots of Instagram accounts got hacked, Instagram gives tips to prevent it


IllustrationIllustration - Our social media accounts got hacked obviously is not a fun thing. Especially if our social media account, like Instagram, is used to support our profession and business. As experienced by Russian fashion blogger Olia Kedik or known on Instagram as Olia Moda (@oliamoda), whom Instagram account was hacked in early August 2018.

Unfortunately, to free her Instagram account from 'the hacking', the hacker asked for a ransom of USD 350. The nominal ransom might be relatively small. However, it is still troublesome and must be redeemed because the account has become part of her work.

Quoted from EuroNews, Friday, November 2nd 2018, when trying to redeem it, cybercriminals did not return the account to her. "I tried to contact the perpetrator and said to send money through Western Union, not Bitcoin. I hope my account can be returned quickly, but no. The hacker did not return my account" she said.

In response to this, Instagram said that it provides a series of methods for its users to get back their hacked accounts. "We use advanced technology to detect when an account is hacked and notify users" Instagram said.

This photos and videos sharing platform asked its users to choose strong and unique passwords, consisting of at least six characters which are a combination of numbers, letters and punctuation. In addition to unpredictable passwords, to make it safer, users can activate the two-factor authentication feature.


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