Tuesday, 23 Jul 2019

Former beauty queen from Russia sparked a controversy after disrespecting of veil


Anastasia ReshetovaAnastasia Reshetova -  The former beauty queen from Russia named Anastasia Reshetova, sparked a controversy on the web after she was accused of disrespecting Islamic sentiments. 

The former pageant queen posted a picture on her social media of her wearing a headscarf but what irked the audience was the outfit she was wearing below.

But, Anastasia wore a partly-transparent undergarment which exposed her cleavage. And the fact that Reshetova is a non Muslim has led some to accuse her of disrespecting Islam.

After her picture being viral, according to reports, the gorgeous lady deleted the picture. 

One angry social media user said, "You show your naked breast while wearing a hijab, such a shame!"

Another commented, "Do not disgrace the hijab! You are not even a Muslim! Why are you wearing it?" 

While a third said, "You cannot show your cleavage and wear a hijab at the same time. I am sick of your duplicity."

The stunning model is married to Muslim rapper Timati, who is known for his extravagant lifestyle and fleet of supercars.

Anastasia who is known for posting raunchy pictures on social media was subjected to online when she posted a photo of herself in a bikini at the beach.







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