Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

The condition that happened to the ghost airport in Berlin that you must know


An airport in Berlin An airport in Berlin -  Dozens of gates are waiting for airplanes to dock. The information screen displays flight information simulations. The terminals sparkled waiting for the passengers to walk through them.

Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport (BER) in the city of Berlin looks exactly the same as other major modern airports in Europe; the problem is only one: it is still empty, more than seven years after it was planned to open. No passengers use it.

Germany may be famous for its efficiency and neatness, but in the matter of the 'ghost airport' in Berlin this reputation has not been proven at all. 

Continuously plagued by long delays and mismanagement, and expected to spend three-and-a-half times the initial budget, this airport has become a kind of joke among Berliners - and stresses local politicians, businessmen, and ordinary citizens.

The construction of the airport was initially estimated to cost € 2 billion (Rp. 33 trillion). 

However, earlier this year, project planners said the estimated cost would be € 7.3bn (around IDR123 trillion), and could increase again depending on how long it would take to complete it. Every month the airport is not opened, he spends millions of euros on maintenance and maintenance costs.

"There is, little by little, a spiral of big mistakes that lead to the end result," said Jobs Fiedler, professor emeritus at the Hertie School of Governance and author of a case study about the airport in 2015.

"It was supposed to open in June 2012 - at that time there had been a considerable swelling of costs - but the story continues."



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