Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Frozen 2 is predicted to be released in November 2019


IllustrationIllustration - “Frozen” is one of the most popular animated films in the world, including in Indonesia. To this day, there are many merchandizes being sold, from bag, gown to pajamas, with the pictures of the two main characters, Elsa and Anna. The soundtrack of this film, “Let It Go” sung by Demi lovato and Elsa’s voice actress, Idina Menzel, also becomes a very popular song.

The success of the film caused Disney to make a sequel, which in the meantime is called “Frozen 2”. Before this, Disney informed that the film would be released on November 29th 2019. However, the date was changed into November 22nd. The directors of the previous film, Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, will direct the sequel as well.

Among the voice actors and actresses involved, there is Josh Gad, the voice actor of the iconic snowman Olaf, who is confirmed of joining this project. On the other hand, Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel, the voice actresses who played Anna and Elsa respectively, have not yet been confirmed of joining the project. According to Bell, the production of “Frozen 2” was almost done.

However, she could not tell more information about this film. “I can’t say anything, because I’m sure I am watched by Disney,” she said.

Kristen Bell only said that the story between Princess Anna and Queen Elsa in “Frozen 2” will be more interesting.

“I’m really happy after reading the story. This is a deeper story, just like the first story, but more interesting,” she said.


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