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PSY, Korean singer was sued due to his performance in 2017 in Indonesia


PSYPSY - The performance of South Korean singer who popularized the song “Gangnam Style”, PSY, in Indonesia did not turn well. He was sued regarding his performance there on October 21st 2017 by production agency with label A. He was accused of not performing whole-heartedly.

The case brought him to the court in Seoul Civil Court Department, on November 5th. “A” agency said that the singer with the real name Park Jae-sang did not fulfill the quota that was promised to hold a concert. He was claimed of performing earlier and singing less songs than what was promised.

“A” agency said that PSY performed on 08:30 p.m. that night and sang four songs. However, in the agreement, it is said that he would sing five songs around 9 to 10 p.m. Based on that, PSY was sued and demanded to pay as much as 275,4 million Won.

PSY’s agency claimed that, “There is no breach of contract and the agency is only trying to ruin PSY’s reputation even though the truth is clear.”

“A” is an agency that cooperated with Indonesian companies to hold Korean concert or performance from outside the country. “A” specifically sued PSY for a closed and exclusive concert titled “exPSYted” that was held by a property developer in Cikupa, Tangerang.

The event also starred Tulus and Andien and was attended by only six people because it was an exclusive event.

PSY was famous all over the world because of his iconic song “Gangnam Style”, which became popular in 2012 due to its unique dance and singing. His song was even sung again by South Korean rapper Hyun Ah and still succeeds in the market. To this day, his music video has been watched for 3,2 billion times on YouTube. However, the musician decided to separate himself from his agency, YG Entertainment, in May 2018.


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