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Avoid acne on the buttock area by doing these simple things


IllustrationIllustration - Acne in the buttocks is not the acne like the one on the face or neck. The shape is small and reddish or black which is generally caused due to inflammation in the roots of the hair on the buttocks skin or referred to as folliculitis.

This certainly damaging the look of our buttock skin, especially if we are wearing swimsuits. Seen when walking by the pool, the buttocks full of stains do not look attractive to your partner and others who see them.

Spots like zits are mostly caused by irritation when wearing tight underwear and forget to take a bath when the area is sweating for example after a morning run or cycling.

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Acne on the buttocks is generally experienced by young people, especially women who have entered their 20s. In addition, it can also appear to be experienced by men.

Here are some simple ways you can do to reduce or even prevent the appearance of acne in the buttocks area, reported by, November 23rd 2018.

1. Use loose underwear

One of the causes of acne in the buttocks area is irritation to the roots of the hair found on the buttocks skin caused by underwear that is too tight and cannot absorb sweat. The length of sweat in the buttocks area is what causes irritation in the area.

Therefore, when doing daily activities, especially during sports or outdoor activities that sweat a lot, use loose underwear. Loose underwear should also be worn during sleep so that the skin can freely breathe for the regeneration of damaged skin.

2. Wash properly

You should take a bath after doing activities that produce a lot of sweat. Bathing will clean the dirt that is attached to the buttocks area. Use soap to get rid of bacteria in the area.

3. Don't rub the buttocks area

Do not scratch or rub acne in the buttocks because it will worsen the condition. Scratching the butt will only widen the infection in the buttocks area. If the infection gets worse it will cause scar tissue that is not pleasant to look at.

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4. Stop bicycling

If you have a problem with acne on your buttocks, you should avoid exercising on a bicycle. Cycling causes the buttocks to be depressed with a bicycle saddle for a long time and causes irritation.

5. Don't sit too long

Like cycling, you should not sit too long. Too long sitting position coupled with the presence of sweat in the buttocks area will cause irritation in the area.


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