Tuesday, 19 Feb 2019

Does not have time to exercise, do this simple things instead to control your blood sugar level


IllustrationIllustration - Bathing not only helps to relax and relieve stress. New research shows that bathing in warm water has the same benefits as a one-time exercise session. Researchers from the UK revealed that a long bath in warm water can control the same blood sugar level as same when we do an exercise. This finding is certainly very helpful for people who do not have time to exercise regularly every day.

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"This study shows that bathing is similar to exercise. One bathing session may not show direct results for health, but if done routinely, the effect will be felt" said Christof Leicht, lecturer in sports physiology at Loughborough University, quoted from Healthline.

One session intended in this study was to bath for 45 minutes with a temperature of 27-39 degrees Celsius. In addition to controlling blood sugar levels, bathing in warm water can also reduce inflammation and help you sleep better.

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But Leicht added, bathing does not replace the positive effects of sports such as social interactions and other psychological benefits that are not obtained when just sitting in a bath."We do not recommend replacing training sessions with warm baths, because exercise has many positive effects that have been proven. Some of them are impossible to achieve when bathing alone at home" he concluded.


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