Saturday, 25 May 2019

Activist says that many women do not realize they are being sexually harassed


IllustrationIllustration - According to Anindya Restuviani, one of the activists that fight violence toward women, many women do not realize it when they are being sexually harassed. She said, on Thursday, in Hollaback Jakarta, it is because not many women know the different types of sexual harassments, that is why many victims dismiss those things.

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“In fact, being whistled at is already considered a sexual harassment but not many people realize it is,” Anindya said.

Some agencies like Hollaback Jakarta, Lentera Sintas Indonesia, and Jakarta Feminist have made a survey about sexual harassment in public setting. Since November 27th 2018, there have been more than 50 thousand people who participated in this survey. Around 45% of the participants admitted that they had been subjected to sexual harassment.

“The rest claimed that they had never experienced it, but as we went deeper into the questions, it turned out they had been whistled at when they walked by. For now, we can conclude that the victims do not realize that they have become victims,” she said.

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During the 16 days campaign of fighting against violence toward women, with the theme #HearMeToo, they try to talk to the society about the harassments they have experienced. They hope their stories will open people’s eyes that there is still no safe place for women. They also hope that the draft bill about sexual harassment will be legalized soon, to guarantee women’s safety.


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