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The name that will be the top baby name trends for 2019


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So, if you’re welcoming a tiny human being next year and want to make sure their name is ahead of the trends, you must read this article. 

As quoted from BabyCentre, this name that will be the top baby name trends for 2019.  Basically, there’s a lot of inspiration out there. But the baby name trends right now, predicted to be a big deal in 2019.

So, just pick a name that fits one of these trends.

Cartoon names 

As we know, cartoon names such as Peter (as in Peter Rabbit) is on the rise, while Jemima is predicted to pop up more next year.

BabyCentre also reckons we’ll see more babies named after the pups in Paw Patrol; Ryder, Chase, Marshall, and Rocky. And of course, Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff will keep going strong. 

BBC shows

Thank Bodyguard (name of one show in BBC) for bringing back Julia and David, and expect to see more babies called Eve after the success of Killing Eve. We do hope some parents will choose Villanelle or Oksana.

The generation of 70s 

Brian, Barry, Patricia, Cliff, Christine, and Susan, all fell out of fashion after the 70s, but now they’re making a comeback. 

Faraway destinations

BabyCentre also predict  babies won’t be named after the town where they were conceived, but more aspirational holiday destinations. Think Cairo, India, and Dallas.








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