Friday, 19 Apr 2019

Be ready, the price of gold will start to rise for more than 1 percent in 2019


IllustrationIllustration - Gold and dollars are usually in the opposite direction of movement. When the US dollar falls, gold usually rises, because gold measured in US dollars is cheaper for investors holding other currencies.


In trading since Tuesday, December 4th 2018 morning, dollar is still losing its opportunity to rise, due to the associated sustainable interest rates, as well as responses to relatively dovish signals from the Federal Reserve.

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Deliveries that will be carried out can be said to be active again on the contracts carried out in February 2019, up 13.6 US dollars or 1.11 percent. And this will be positioned at 1,239.60 US dollars per ounce.


The measure of the greenback against six other major currencies fell 0.14 percent to 96.94 at 1812 GMT.


Recently Dollar US has begun to act as a de facto safe haven asset amid the trade pressures between the warring economies, which quoted from Xinhua, December 4th 2018.

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For March 2019, shipments of other precious metals such as silver will also rise 28.2 cents or 1.98 percent. And covered at 14,499 US dollars per ounce. As for Platinum, shipments in January 2019 rose 10.9 dollars or 1.36 percent, and settled at the position of 810.70 dollars per ounce.


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