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Besides being the popular beverage, this is the bitter truth of bubble tea for your health


IllustrationIllustration - A survey of one of the online transportation services proves that bubble tea is the most ordered beverage. In addition to sweet and fresh taste, a variety of topping choices also make this drink more enjoyable.

But there are bitter facts about bubble tea and drinks containing other sugar liquids. If consumed in excessive amounts, bubble tea can interfere with your health. Generally, this type of beverage contains sugar liquid which is larger than the recommended amount of sugar that can be consumed per day.

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"The sugar consumption limit recommended by the Ministry of Health per person per day is 50 grams or 4 tablespoons, either in liquid or solid form. Sugar generally has the same number of calories, which is 4 calories per gram" said Medical Advisor Kalbe Nutritionals, Dr. Ervina Hasti W, recently.

In addition, the excess sugar content in drinks can harm the body because excessive sweetness can make a person affected by diabetes. "Liquid sugar is more at risk of causing health problems than solid sugar because the liquid sugar used in serving drinks has a fairly high sugar content, or at least 100 calories or about 20-30 grams of sugar per 350 ml" she explained.

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She also explained that the consumption of excess liquid sugar in the short term would result in sugar addiction, a surge in blood sugar, and quickly feel hungry. It can even increase health risks such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, tooth decay, and premature aging in the long term.


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