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Want to be thinner for her wedding day, this woman undergone a surgery which caused her to lose her life


Jana MoreelsJana Moreels - Jana Moreels (25) only wants to look thinner on her wedding day. Previously, she was often being ridiculed due to her body shape which makes herself uncomfortable with her own body. At it peaks, she was forcibly kicked out from the playground vehicle because her seat belt can’t fit her body.

Feeling humiliated, she decided to undergo gastric surgery. This gastric surgery will help her to reduce her appetite drastically so that it will affect her body weight. The hope is that she could thinner her body before the day she tried her wedding gown.

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Two weeks after the surgery, Jana felt severe pain in her back. Her parents told that Jana was too drunk, so they suggested her to take paracetamol.

The pain did not disappear and eventually she was rushed to the hospital. A series of tests revealed that this Belgian woman has pulmonary embolism and respiratory infarction, in which part of the lung tissue died due to vascular disorders. The doctor's efforts to cure her were not successful. Jana even had fell into a coma due to liver failure, and her body also refused liver transplant.

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"Four days after the doctor realized that there was a leak in her stomach which eventually infected here abdominal cavity. Jana underwent a major surgery. On November 23 she got the second liver transplant. Because her body was so weak she could not do the operation" said the mother, Christelle, which was quoted from the Mirror.


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