Saturday, 25 May 2019

A parking attendants set up special houses for children affected by HIV / AIDS


HIV / AIDSHIV / AIDS -  A number of children seemed absorbed in playing swings in front of a special house for children affected by HIV / AIDS located in Solo, Central Java. Sometimes there was the sound of crying and soon the sound of laughter.

This special house is located far from the residents' settlements and accommodated children from various regions in Indonesia.

They were deposited at the Lantern Shelter House for a number of reasons including families who were no longer able to care for them, or even rejected.

The coordinator of this special house, Puger Mulyono, stated that these children were abandoned by the family because the stigma associated with HIV / AIDS was still high in the community.

"Parents of children infected with HIV / AIDS have all died so that they are orphans. Because they know their children are infected with HIV / AIDS so their families refuse and do not admit it so they are neglected," Puger told reporters in Solo FajarSodiq who reported for BBC News Indonesia.

Puger said he first took care of children with HIV / AIDS (ADHA) in 2012 when he saw children being abandoned in a hospital in Solo.

"With the information about the abandoned child with HIV / AIDS, we decided to take care of him. Because the child had been sent home by the hospital to his family in Mojosongo, we met his grandparents. Apparently they did not admit to being his grandson or family member. Finally, they allow us to take care of the child, "he said.

He took turns fostering this child with friends from other foundations before finally deciding to make a special home to care for and care for children affected by HIV / AIDS and abandoned their families.



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