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Contents which found in cashew fruit, turns out can increase your libido


IllustrationIllustration - This one tree is hard to find at this time. This guava tree is known for its delicious, crunchy and fresh fruit for consumption. Some areas call it a guava tree, and there are also some that call it cashew tree, or also gajus.


This tree has fruit that is better known for its seeds which, when dried and fried, can be a crunchy snack called cashews.


But, you know, this cashew nut turns out to be beneficial for the health of the body.


Cashew nuts have thin skin like tomatoes. Which is known as fruit. Actually it is the base of the flower that expands after fertilization, and this is what is called the cashew nut. The swollen part, if eaten, will feel fresh, slightly bitter, but also leave a dry sensation in the throat.


This fruit is rich in vitamin C and tannins. There are several routine benefits of consuming cashew nuts. As quoted from Buzznigeria (8/12)

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- Contains five times more vitamin C than oranges

Vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant can help maintain endurance and accelerate healing during flu.


- Rich in calcium

The calcium content of this fruit is beneficial for muscles and bones.


- Helps burn fat

This fruit is very useful as a supply of energy and burning fat while exercising.

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- Good for the heart

This fruit content is also very good for heart health and lowers high levels of triglycerides in the body associated with heart disease.


- For sexual health

Researchers claim cashew juice can help increase energy and passion. In fact, cashew juice is also believed to make menopausal women easier to sleep.



That's part of the benefits and ingredients found in cashews. And for now, processing it into juice can be found in several places that sell juice. And for the price it can still be affordable for the bag. Hopefully this health article can help. Good luck.


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