Saturday, 25 May 2019

Considered disturb, the feud of the cow's necklace continued until the court


IllustrationIllustration -  A cow necklace that resembles a bell and a loud sound can apparently trigger a protracted dispute in a small town in southern Germany.

Life that was previously so calm and organized in the area was disturbed by a tedious legal process related to this cow pendulum.

A husband and wife who bought a large house in the suburbs of Holzkirchen, south of Munich, sued a farmer who hung a pendulum on their cows.

The pendulum made a loud clanking sound as it grazed in the grasslands of the neighbor next door.

When they first moved to the house in 2011, the field was still empty. But in 2014 the field was leased to Regina Killer, who manages a dairy farm.

Not only was the sound of a cow, the unnamed couple also objected to the smell of cow dung and insects buzzing around the dung.

Killer (this is a surname in Germany), said the cow fall is part of the tradition of the Bavarian people and large animals.

The lawsuit against him was first filed in 2017, by the couple, on behalf of the husband, but failed in court. He then appealed.

Now the wife sent a second lawsuit. This time, they also sued the local government, which rents the meadows to Regina Killer to be used as a herding place.


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