Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Indonesian Athletes Win Gold in the Original European Gymnastics Competition


Nabila EvandestieraNabila Evandestiera -  Rhythmic gymnastics athlete Nabila Evandestiera managed to steal one gold medal and one silver medal at the championship in Berlin. He became the only athlete from outside Europe who competed in the original European sport.

Cheers accompanied by a stretch of red and white flag from Indonesian supporters enlivened the atmosphere at the Olympiapark building in Berlin, Germany. 

The overflowing sense of pride of the Indonesian people in Germany was due to the success of Nabila Evandestiera winning one gold medal and one silver medal at the 4th Diadem Cup Rhythmic Gymnastics championship.

Not only won the championship, Nabila also made a name for being the only rhythmic gymnastic athlete from outside Europe who appeared in the championship which took place on November 24-25 2018. 

It is not easy to win a championship in sports that has been developed in Europe since the 18th century.

"Frankly for us this is not easy. Outperforming competitors from Europe in sports that are originally from them is an extraordinary achievement that should be grateful. We are proud that we can," said EkoPudjihariyanto, Chairperson of Persani DKI Jakarta who accompanied Nabila.

Of the six competing categories, Nabila won a gold medal for the Senior class Ball Apparatus Rhythmic Gymnastics category and a silver medal for the Senior class in the Clubs Apparatus category, Rhythmic Gymnastics. 

She defeated his opponents from Bulgaria, Latvia, Russia, Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic and Cyprus. Even for Germany itself, representatives of several states also become Nabila's competitors, including the host of Berlin.


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