Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Japan will charge JPY 1000 for anyone leaving the country


IllustrationIllustration - The Japanese government imposes a tax of JPY 1,000 to everyone who leaves the country by air or sea. This is a new national tax that Japan has applied since the land value tax was introduced 27 years ago.


This enactment has begun its implementation on January 7, 2019 for airports and seaports in Japan.

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This departure tax applies specifically to tourists when they are going to buy a ticket. But, for passengers who transit within a maximum of 24 hours and children under the age of 2 will get an exception. Quoted from NHK news and on Tuesday, January 8th 2019.


This applies except for tourists and Japanese citizens who have previously purchased tickets before January 7th.

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According to a statement from the Japanese government, the income from the departure tax will be used to develop the tourism sector to improve immigration procedures. This is meant in the form of procurement of facial identification gates at the airport to speed up inspection at immigration.


In recent years, visitors to the cherry country have continued to grow. And in 2018, the number of visits had reached 30 million.


While for 2019 to 2020, the target of the Japanese Government for visits to his country is 40 million foreign visitors. And this is also based on the holding of the Olympics and the Paralympics in Tokyo.


The aim of the Japanese Government with the tax, as a hope to secure stable financial resources in order to promote tourism.


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