Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Apple manufacturing, Foxconn will start producing iPhones in India in this year


IllustrationIllustration - Apple manufacturing, Foxconn reportedly will start producing iPhones in India in early 2019. As a first step, Foxconn will produce the iPhone X and trio of iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR before producing other old types. The closest source whose identity was not disclosed to Reuters said the factory in question was located in Sriperumbudur, India's Tamil Nadu state.

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The Hindu daily reports Foxconn will start producing will produce other iPhone models. The new factory is said will provide 25 thousand job openings. The Taiwanese company will spend INR 25 billion to expand its production capacity.

Previously, Foxconn already had a factory to produce Xiaomi phones in the same location. Foxconn's move to expand its business expansion to India was allegedly to avoid the increasingly heated trade war between the US and China.

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Apple actually started producing iPhone SE and 6S in India through local partner Wistron Corp. in Bangalore. However, Apple focuses its business in India for 'cheaper' cellphones. Counterpoint research recorded more than half the sales volume of Apple devices in India as an old model.Besides India, Foxconn is reportedly planning to build a factory in Vietnam. Reportedly at this location will be one of Foxconn's biggest production centers, outside of China.


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