Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Covao dos Conchos, the unique water hole in Portugal


IllustrationIllustration - Lake Serra da Estrela in Portugal was made in 1955 as a part of the construction of a dam for power plant. The lake has a hole that became viral in 2016 due to its strangeness.

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Many tourists said that the hole looks like a portal to another world. However, it was actually a manmade hole, created by engineers to connect the water between two lakes.

In order to connect the water of Lake Serra da Estrela with the ware from Lake Comprida, engineers made a tunnel through the mountain instead of installing pipes.  This design is used to make the water cleaner so it can be enjoyed by the civilians who live near the lakes.

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As time goes by, vegetation started to grow around the hole, making it seem more natural instead of manmade. This hole is late called Covao dos Conchos.


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