Monday, 18 Feb 2019

The mystery on big 'Blue Hole' on Belize area finally revealed


The 'Blue Hole' in BelizeThe 'Blue Hole' in Belize - The Belize area is famous for its clear and calm waters. Diving and looking at the coral reefs there are definitely the main tourist activities of tourists who come. Not only beautiful, Belize is also famous for its unique, especially with the appearance of the Blue Hole in the middle of its waters.

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The Blue Hole is a large hole fortified by coral reefs. Fenonema of this nature can be seen clearly from outer space because of the clear waters of Belize. Late last year a number of researchers conducted an expedition to explore the Blue Hole. The exploration which was also followed by Virgin airline boss Richard Branson and marine researcher Fabien Cousteau was also broadcast by the Discovery Channel.

Branson, who uploaded the trip on his personal blog, said that the Blue Hole is a cave with stalactites that form on land before finally sinking. "The Blue Hole shows that sea water can rose dramatically. Global warming can make rock caves that were on land become submerged in the ocean" Branson wrote.

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Because of the depth of the Blue Hole, there are no living beings seen in it. But Branson claimed to find plastic garbage there. Therefore he also suggested that humanity immediately limit the use of plastic.


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