Saturday, 24 Aug 2019

This is the reason why the temporary closure of Kuta and Seminyak beaches happens


IllustrationIllustration - For this time, tourists cannot enjoy the beauty of Kuta Beach because the local government temporarily closes for the tourist due to garbage that has been piled up since November last year.

Piles of garbage consisting of plastic, waste and various rotten twigs are stranded along the fringes of Kuta Beach to Seminyak Beach in Bali.

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Many say that the garbage is shipping waste from other water areas which are washed away by the waves and chronic occur every November to March.

The alarming scene then made the local government take the initiative to close while the two famous beaches were excellent tourists visiting Bali.

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Quoted from, the closure has been carried out since Tuesday, January 22nd 2019. And it is intended to make it easier for officers to do cleaning around the beach area. And the closure is also intended to avoid visitors from the threat of being exposed to splinters of thorns to rubbish debris that endangers safety.

Until the closure of Kuta Beach and Seminyak Beach was carried out, the local authorities intensified socializing the visitors so that they would not move around the beach for a while.

The government has not been able to ascertain until when it's time to reopen. However, if the weather conditions improve quickly and the beach cleaning has been carried out thoroughly, it is possible that the reopening of the beaches will be much faster.


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