Friday, 23 Aug 2019

New Delhi will refuse plastic bags by 2022


New Delhi will refuse plastic bags by 2022New Delhi will refuse plastic bags by 2022 - On World Environment Day, Harsh Wardhan, the Indian Minister for the Environment, Forests and Climate Change, said that India would completely abandon disposable products in 2022.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi confirmed the statement by a member of the country's government and clarified that it is not only about abandoning ground contamination of the national territory with plastic waste, but also about India’s joining the UN program to clean up the world's oceans from human waste.

Specialists of the relevant UN Environment Program (UNEP) have already calculated that about 60% of plastics in the waters of the Indian Ocean are produced by India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. In total, up to 8 million tons of non-decomposing garbage annually gets into the World Ocean. Sea fish take plastic as jellyfish and eat it, which leads to poisoning by carcinogenic products of people.

Only in India, up to 15 thousand tons of plastic is emitted annually (this is data from 2017). But in 2022 it will be banned - especially since over 60% of such garbage is subject to industrial processing. Indonesia joined the UNEP program too. This was reported by TASS agency with reference to the Institute of Energy and Resources of India.


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