Friday, 23 Aug 2019

Indonesian taxi company, Blue Bird will plan to use electric cars for its fleet


IllustrationIllustration - Civilians will soon know how it feels like to drive an electric car. This is because taxi company Blue Bird is preparing a fleet of taxi cars in Jakarta.

The information is gotten from someone in the Division of Engineering and Procurement Planning of State Electricity Company (PLN), Zainal Arifin. According to Zainal, Blue Bird has ordered a charging station facility as the energy source of their electric taxies.

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“They have ordered, because they want to try making electric taxi fleet. The unit will use BYD, from what I heard, they will begin with 100 units first,” Zainal said.

BYD is a brand of electric car from China. If we look at the one used in Hong Kong, they will probably use the hatchback model, which is BYD E6. It is said that the car moves with phosphate battery.


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