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Tortured by her longevity, this woman died before her 130th birhday


Koka IstambulovaKoka Istambulova - Having a long life is probably many people’s dream. But it is not so for this woman. A woman named Koka Istambulova claimed that she felt tortured by her longevity.

As cited from Daily Mirror, Koku had lived for 129 years. She had experienced all the bittersweet things about life. She had even survived Stalin’s subjugation. She was supposed to turn 130 this June, but she died before it can happen.

Koku became popular when she said she had never felt happy even once in her life. Her grandson, Illiyas Abubakarov said that she died peacefully during dinner, on Sunday, January 27th in her house in Chechnya.

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“She suddenly felt unwell, she said her chest hurt. We called doctor, we were told that her blood pressure suddenly decreased, so injection was needed. But they failed to save her. She died peacefully,” he explained. She was buried in her village, Bratskoe, by her five grand children and 16 great grand children.

According to the record, Koku is a Muslim who was born before the last Tsar Nicholas II. She was even older than Soviet Union. She was estimated to be born in 1889, when Queen Victoria of Britain ascended the throne. When she was still alive, she told people about her torturous living experiences.

Chechnya people were deported by Stalin to Kazakhstan 75 years ago. She said back then, there were many people who died in the cattle truck whose bodies were thrown out to be eaten by hungry dogs.

“It’s a bad, cold and gloomy day,” she said. “We were put inside a train and brought to who knew where. The train was filled with people, garbage, feces everywhere.”

Koku told the journalists about the violence and cruelty of Stalin. When asked about how she could live so long, she said it was God’s decision.

“Why does God give me long live with little happiness?” she said. “I would’ve died long ago, if God didn’t embrace me. It’s hard to live when all the things you remember are dead. And it is scary to die, no matter what age you are.”


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