Friday, 23 Aug 2019

This is the reason why our body felt hot when we are angry


IllustrationIllustration - When we are angry, our body feels hot, like there is a fire in us. People have different reactions when they are angry. Some people grit their teeth, some others clenched their hands into fists, while the others’ faces turn red.

But there is something different within us when we are angry. Our body automatically increases our heart beats and blood pressures.

Our body burns more energy when we are angry and the body temperature increases. This is why we feel hot when we are angry. It is like our body is preparing us to fight against something we deem wrong.

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There is a part in our brain called amygdala. It functions to control emotions. But when we are angry, amygdala becomes distracted and disorderly as it tries to do something.

Meanwhile, our blood flow increases into the frontal lobe, or part of the brain that is right above the left eye. This area controls our reasons so we can hold ourselves from doing some things when we are angry.

According to research, our nerve response happens for two seconds. That is why one of the methods of calming anger is by counting from one to ten.


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