Friday, 23 Aug 2019

Eating too much processed foods can cause you to die in young age


IllustrationIllustration - Processed foods are consumed in the form of fast food, snacks and foods that are easy to make. But according to a new research from France, eating ultraprocessed foods can lead to higher risk of early death.

As cited from CNN, the research reveals that we get 14% higher risk of early death with each 10% increase of the amount of ultraprocessed food we consume. Ultraprocessed foods can cause obesity, high blood pressure, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

According to recent studies, in United States of America, 61% of an adult’s total diet consists of ultraprocessed foods. In Canada, it is 62% and in United Kingdom, it is 63%.

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The study enlisted the help of 44,551 French adults. Their average age was 57 and most of them were women. All of them provided their 24-hour dietary records every six months. They also completed the questionnaires about their health.

The French research reveals that ultraprocessed foods account for more than 14% of the weight of the total food consumed and 29% of the total calories. Processed foods are associated with younger age, lower income, lower education level, living alone and lower physical activity level.


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