Saturday, 25 May 2019

Uneven rain, Bengkalis still contributing hotspot in Riau


IllustrationIllustration - Tuesday, February 19 2019, Riau Province is still accompanied by hotspots. Even though President Jokowi during the 2019 Presidential Election Debate some time ago stated that there were no Forest and Land Fires.

Head of Information Section at BMKG Pekanbaru Station, Marzuki noted that the Riau hotspots originated from Bengkalis. Indeed, since last week Bengkalis always noted hotspots in that area.

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"Riau Hotspot with a confidence level above 70 percent, there are three points. All of them come from Bengkalis Regency" said Marzuki.

Then the weather is afternoon until late afternoon still cloudy. The potential for uneven and local light rain occurs in almost all cities and regencies in Riau Province.

Then the blazing air temperature can reach a maximum of 32 degrees Celsius, with air humidity of 60 - 98 percent.

Wind from Northwest to Southeast with the speed of 9 - 36 km / hour. For waters in the Riau province in general it ranges from 0.2 - 1.0 meters.


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