Monday, 27 May 2019

Syamsuar and Edy Afrizal Natar Nasution was appointed as Governor and Deputy Governor of Riau by the President in Jakarta


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet -  Plt. Siak Regent, H. Alfedri congratulated him on the appointment of H. Syamsuar and H. Eddy Aprizal Natar Nasution as Governor of Riau and Deputy Governor of Riau for the period from 2019-2024 by the Indonesian President, Joko Widodo in Jakarta.

He believes the leadership of Syamsuar and Edi Natar Nasution in the next five years can bring progress to the State of Lancang Kuning, in accordance with Riau's motto.

"The Siak Regency government delivered a string of prayers to Riau H Syamsuar and H Edi Aprizal Natar Nasution who had just been appointed by the President as Governor of Riau and Deputy Governor of Riau. Hopefully, God Almighty will always bless their steps," Alfedri said after attending the inauguration procession at the State Palace on Wednesday morning, February 20, 2019.

Alfedri also expressed his gratitude for all the services and thoughts that have been dedicated by the former Siak Regent for the two periods that have been to advance the Palace State.

During the presidency of the Palace State, Alfedri said, H. Syamsuar had laid the foundation of the development of Siak Regency into a leading tourism destination in Riau, as well as improving the quality of public services and the administration of government bureaucracies.

For that he said, the ranks of the Siak Regency Government along with all levels of society are ready to support and cooperate with the Governor and Deputy Governor of Riau in the future to advance the region.

"Thank you for all the guidance outlined for the thought that has been given so far. We are ready to continue the vision and mission of the Siak Regency development that has been established with him while pairing as Regent and Deputy Regent of Siak," he said.







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